Welcome to Willow



Traci Mitchell, Administrator


Hello Parents and Students,

I am thrilled about leading the Alternative Education sites in TUSD!


I am the Principal for Duncan-Russell, Stein High and Willow Community Day School.  I come to serve you with 20+ years of experience working with youths from a wide variety of populations.  I am committed to student strength-based focused teaching and dedicated to creating a positive learning environment and making a difference in students’ lives. 

As the Principal, I look forward to working with you and your students in planning and facilitating a pathway where students are able to fulfill their dreams and goals.  Please feel free to contact me should you have questions, concerns or you just want to get to know the Principal.


Welcome to Alt Ed!


Grateful for the opportunity to serve,


Traci Mitchell, Principal


Willow History

1868: Willow School, a one-room schoolhouse, opens in the town of Ellis. The school and the entire town of Ellis was later moved to a new location that was re-named Tracy. 

1878: Willow School was placed on a sled-like structure and pulled by mules to the newly formed town of Tracy. The school was placed on the corner of 11th Street and Central Avenue.

1912: A new school was built to replace Willow School, it is unknown if it was the same site or a different site. 

1999: Willow Community Day School opened in a storefront on Tracy Boulevard (July 1, 1999 per Community Day School data base).  The storefront lease was cancelled June 30, 2006. George and Evelyn Stein opened in August 2007; however, it is unknown when Willow Community Day School was moved to the Grant Line Road site location. 

It is important to state that the Willow Community Day School location on Grant Line Road was named after two Vietnam War veterans, Duncan and Russell. Therefore, the entire site of Willow Community Day School and Duncan-Russell Continuation High School is named the Duncan-Russell School Site. 


164 W. Grant Line Road
Tracy, CA  95376

Phone: 209.830.3357
FAX:     209.830.3358

Traci Mitchell, Principal



TBA, Secretary



District Contacts


Willow/Duncan-Russell campus students learn and perform to their fullest potential, respect themselves and others, and become responsible contributors to society.

Willow/Duncan-Russell campus is an innovative, individualized and technologically progressive school site.  We provide a blended model of direct instruction and online curriculum in a positive and safe learning environment.  We emphasize communication and use of technology.  We provide an opportunity for all students to overcome barriers through GRIT, in order to be productive in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

Site-Wide Learner Outcomes
Willow Community Day School 7-12 Home Hospital K-12
Independent Study 9-12

Working hard
Goal setting
Being consistent
Having determination

Ability to adapt
Being Resourceful
Demonstrating Perseverance
Present (Mind and Body)

Your time
With intensity
Through practice
And discipline

Endured trials
Gained confidence
Credits earned 
Goals accomplished