Student Teen Educational and Parenting Support
 You can participate if:                                                                                           


•You are expecting a baby, mother-or father-to-be
•You are a teen parent, mother or father
•You live or attend any school in the Tracy Unified School District
•You are 18 years of age or younger
•You have not graduated from high school
Ann Herrington
Coordinator / Counselor

All services are FREE to participants

STEPS Support Services
·   Parenting education and life skills class
·   Prenatal education and care, including childbirth preparation
·   Safe home-to-school transportation
·   Case management services
·   Comprehensive health education, including reproductive health care
·   Nutrition education, counseling, and meal supplements
·   School safety and violence prevention strategies targeted to pregnant and parenting teens and their children
·   Academic support and youth development services, such as tutoring, mentoring, and community service internships
·   Career counseling, pre-employment skill development, and job training
·   Substance abuse prevention education, counseling, and treatment services
·   Mental health assessment, intervention, and referrals
·   Crisis intervention counseling service, including suicide prevention
·   Peer support groups and counseling
·   Family support and development services, including individual and family counseling
·   Child and domestic abuse prevention education, counseling, and services
·   Enrichment and recreational activities, as appropriate
·   Services that facilitate transition to postsecondary education, training, or employment
·   Outreach activities to identify eligible pupils and to educate the community about the realities of teen pregnancy and parenting